Orlando Lacks a Flavor to Call Its Own

Orlando lacks its own distinct flavor. No one makes a trip to Orlando for “our” style of BBQ, or pizza, burgers, or any other type of food. What’s great about Orlando food though, is the variety. Many Orlando residents are transplants from around the state, country, and even the world. After living here for a while, they often begin to miss a particular type of food from back home, and often decide to open up an eatery, from a small hole in the wall fast food joint, to a high class restaurant, serving up some of their favorite food.

One place in particular, What’s Your Beef? was opened because the owners, Mike and Lisa longed for the Italian beef style sandwiches they frequented back in Chicago.They couldn’t find this anywhere in Orlando, and decided to open up their own shop. Personally, I’m glad they did because I may have never been introduced to this excellent sandwich otherwise.

We have an excellent variety of food available in Orlando and the surrounding area. We have several eateries with great BBQ offering different styles. We have high class steak houses. We have New York style pizza, gourmet pizza, and Chicago style deep dish pizza. You can get just about every flavor of Asian cuisine, from Chinese and Japanese, to Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai. There are countless Mexican (and Tex Mex), Spanish, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and other Latin American eateries, both fast food, and high class. There are numerous other types of food, including places dedicated to Chicago style hot dogs, Indian food, Mongolian BBQ, burgers, and so on. The main point of all of this is to get you to break out of your routine of going to the same place. Get out there and try some of the excellent food Orlando has to offer.

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