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Mellow Mushroom is more than just a pizza place; it is an experience. From its variety of gourmet pizza recipes, to its large beer selection, and its delicious appetizers, Mellow Mushroom will leave you satisfied and coming back for more. Mellow Mushroom uses all fresh, organic ingredients, whole wheat flour and spring water to make the dough, and a parmesan covered crust. It’s has a hippie atmosphere, but not to much to get in the way of making amazing food.

The garlic bread, garlic cheese bread, and soft pretzels are all excellent choices for appetizers. Both breads come with marinara sauce for dipping. The pretzels come in three flavors, salt, garlic and parmesan, and honey and cinnamon sugar. All are excellent, but I would recommend the garlic and parmesan for an appetizer, and the honey and cinnamon sugar for dessert. Mellow Mushroom also has a large variety of craft beers on tap, and a full bar. The beer selection is ever changing so be sure not to wait until next time to try one. They make it very easy to try a bunch of different beers at once with their paddles, which are 3-4 4oz beers of your choice.

Let’s get to the main reason you go to Mellow Mushroom, the pizza. Even a plain cheese pizza is good, but the great stuff is the house recipes. You can view their menu online to see everything they offer. Most pizza places have their own recipes, but Mellow Mushroom’s are unlike any other. I haven’t had them all yet, but the ones that stand out that I have personally tried are, the “Caesar! Caesar!”, with in pesto chicken, provolone, mozzarella, and feta cheeses, and then topped with a Caesar salad and Roma tomatoes. It is quite out of the ordinary, but delicious and refreshing; a nice mix of hot pizza and cold salad. The “Funky Q Chicken”, which is a barbecue chicken pizza, with caramelized onions and bacon. Others may offer a barbecue chicken pizza, but not like this one. The “Magical Mystery Tour” is a must for mushroom lovers. Lastly, the “Buffalo Chicken” pizza is topped with buffalo chicken, caramelized onions, bacon, and mozzarella cheese, and the sauce is ranch dressing based, rather than tomato.

Mellow Mushroom overs several other house recipes that I’ll let you discover on your own. You can also make your own from their laundry list of ingredients. They also have calzones, salads, and deli and grilled subs. I haven’t been able to separate myself from the pizza to try any of these items, but I imagine they are excellent as well.

Overall, Mellow Mushroom is a pizza place unlike any other. Everything on their menu is fresh and delicious. Their beer selection will always have something different for you to try. Their service is always helpful and more than polite. Nothing there is cheap. It’s about $10/person, but it is worth it. You will leave satisfied, and probably with some leftovers.

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