What’s Your Beef?

I was invited to What’s Your Beef? in downtown Orlando by the owners, Mike and Lisa Fracasso. They are a new place, they’ve only been open for a couple months, and they have a style new to Orlando. They moved to Orlando about 10 years ago from Chicago, and missed some of the food so much, they opened their own place to make up for it. It’s a nice little place, with bar style seating.

They have a variety of excellent food on their menu. They have Chicago style hot dogs, tamales, a unique style of pizza, and a couple different styles of subs. Their specialty is the Italian beef sub. Italian beef, for those that don’t and I was one of them, is a slow cooked roast beef specially seasoned. They wouldn’t tell me their secret ingredients, but I do know that it has chopped carrots and celery. It is a very juicy sandwich. It has just the right amount of spice to it, giving a little hot sensation, but not sticking with you for too long. They have sausages with peppers and onions, and a combo sub with Italian beef and sausage.

Their meatball sub has homemade meatballs, which are plump and juicy. The sub has plenty of sauce as well, so it isn’t dry at all. The tamales are a platter covered with chili and cheese. They are flavorful with just a little bit of a kick to them. The pizza is only available on Fridays right now. It is made from scratch, and topped with peppers, Italian beef, and sausage. They have spicy and sweet varieties.

The prices are reasonable. Expect to pay between $6-7 for a sandwich and drink. They are very filling though, and the ingredients are tasty and fresh. I definitely recommend them, as they are an excellent and unique taste to the area.

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