B-Line Diner

  • Food Quality: 4/10
  • Food Quantity: 7/10
  • Cleanliness: 7/10
  • Atmosphere: 7/10
  • Service: 5/10
  • Price: $10-$18

The B-Line Diner, located in the Peabody Hotel, is modeled after an old fashioned diner, but with an upscale twist. The atmosphere and decor are nice, but the food and service are a completely different experience. I ordered a burger, cooked medium. I was served a very dry, very well done burger. On top of that, the burger was supposed to be a 1/2lb., but looked much smaller. The french fries were good, but a side cannot save a meal. I wouldn’t have had such high expectations for the food had I not spent $13 on a hamburger and fries.

The service was bad. Not only was my burger overcooked, but my friends’ as well. We only saw our waiter a couple times. I would understand if the restaurant were busy, but it wasn’t at the time, and there was no reason that I could see that we were not better attended to. It’s even more difficult to eat a dry burger when your water glass is empty.

The dessert case to the side as you enter the restaurant is the only reason I would go back there. While I was not able to sample any of the desserts, I would go back to try them, but only if I were in the area. While they did look amazing, they were still rather expensive, and there’s other places in town offering similarly good dessert.

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