Mama B’s Giant Subs

  • Food Quality: 7/10
  • Food Quantity: 8/10
  • Cleanliness: 7/10
  • Atmosphere: 7/10
  • Service: 6/10
  • Price: $6-$8

Mama B’s serves a variety of subs and sandwiches. I had their house special, the Italian sub. The food was good, but nothing special. Mama B’s is cash or check only. I found that out after I ordered my food. They informed me that there was a Bank of America a few blocks south (I don’t particularly care to walk a few blocks in the Florida heat). Luckily I remembered I just so happened to have my checkbook on me that day. I had to make out a check for a sandwich and soda. The only thing I ever write a check for is to pay rent and utilities. It’s a big hassle writing a check for a retailer/restaurant. They had to check my ID, and then questioned me about my address since the address on my license doesn’t match the address on my checks. I assured them I was who I said I was and that I was good for the $8. I’ll probably never go back there again since I normally don’t carry cash or my checkbook. This is the 21st century, get a credit card machine already. The only way you can get away with cash only is if you really have something compelling to offer. Red Light Red Light is a good example of that, they have a laid back atmosphere, and a great beer selection, but even then, I have to plan ahead to bring cash. Mama B’s isn’t good enough to plan on going there, and I’ll never stop by since I rarely have cash. Go across the street to New York deli instead for an excellent gyro.

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