ShakeOut is a new gourmet milk shake shop in the Orlando Fashion Square Mall which opened this past February. I was invited to try out their milk shakes, and learn about what they have to offer. The owner, James Stadelman, hails from England where I’ve been told gourmet milk shakes are all the rage. Rather than smoothies or ice cream parlors, they have gourmet milk shake shops. James, and his father hope to bring the craze to the US, and from what I’ve experienced, they’ve got a great chance in doing so.

While you can get milk shakes in several different flavors at Steak and Shake, McDonald’s, Arby’s, Sonic, and many other places, no one other than ShakeOut offers 120 flavors. They only offer French vanilla ice cream, but that is so that the ice cream does not take away from the added flavors themselves. To flavor your milkshake, you pick from over 120 options, including candy, cookies, cakes, cereal, and fruit (view their menu). The fruit they use is fresh, the cakes, cookies and pies are real, not just flavor shots, and the candies are right from the package you would get at the store, rather than bulk generic candies. They also offer boosters like, bran, energy or muscle builder, and toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles, or chocolate chips.

For $3.99 for a regular shake (16oz) or $4.99 for a large (20oz), you get to pick one flavor. If you want to create your own combination, it’s only $1 more per flavor. Or, you could try one of their custom blends created by and voted on by customers ($4.95 for a regular and $5.95 for a large). They have a customer loyalty program offering 1 free milk shake after your 10th purchase, and they also offer 10% off to military and service employees.

I really liked ShakeOut and think it has a great, unique offering. I would recommend it to anyone that likes ice cream or milk shakes. I can see them thriving, and spreading all over, much like the froyo shops you see popping up everywhere now.

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  1. I tried the chocolate brownie fudge and absolutely hated it. The taste is awful and the fudge was a big chunck difficult to bite. It’s just milk “shake” with a topping. For less than a dollar I can make my own and better. Don’t waste your money

    1. I used to be the store manager till they replaced me with another one, the business didnt last, unfortunately, but i can say one thing you are sadly mistaken, these milkshakes were some of the best ive had in my life, i dont know where your taste buds were when you tasted the chocolate fudge brownie, but ive not tasted better anywhere else, lol, but judging by your picture i see you must frequent McDonald’s alot LOL, go spend your dollar there!

  2. I honestly loved the shakes there. I think the business would have done better in a mall like the florida mall or near the premium outlets on international drive. Fashion square mall already does not get enough business as it is.

    1. I had mentioned this when I was invited to review the place. I know they tried getting a place in the Florida Mall, but there is usually a wait list, and since they were not an established franchise, they would have had to sign a longer lease or pay a higher rent. The idea actually comes from the UK, where the owner is from, and where gourmet shakes are very popular, like smoothies and froyo places here. A location in the tourist district would have probably been much better for them, especially considering the number of British tourists we get.

    2. they have a place in brandon florida mall now. I went there yesturday and it was AMAZING. I am actually craving one now! lol

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