Smokey Bones Now Has $5 Lunches

Smokey Bones is offering $5 lunches Monday through Friday, from 11am to 2pm, for a limited time. The selection is limited (see below), and only available for dine in. Basically it’s a way to get you in the door, hoping you buy a soda along with the meal, or even a beer or two. And, of course, you’ll have to add a tip as well.

  • Monday
    • Baked potato and salad
    • Chicken Caesar lunch salad
  • Tuesday
    • Classic burger
    • Southwest chicken lunch salad
  • Wednesday
    • Avocado turkey burger
    • Steak and spinach lunch salad
  • Thursday
    • Soup and sandwich
    • Nutty chicken lunch salad
  • Friday
    • Buffalo chicken sandwich
    • Cool turkey Cobb lunch salad

I assume since they specify “lunch salad” every time that this means it is a smaller portion than usual, but it will probably still be plenty for a lunch.

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