Universal Studios Turkey Legs – Orlando, Florida

The alluring aroma of the smoked turkey legs hits you at every turn as you wander around the park. It doesn’t take long for them to become irresistible to you. You no longer care about the rides or attractions, you need one of these turkey legs. You quickly find the closest stand and buy one, bite into its deliciousness. Your mouth waters with enjoyment, and you continue to devour the turkey leg. But, after a few bites you notice how damn salty these things really are. After about 3 or 4 bites, these things become inedible. So remember, next time the irresistible aroma of these turkey legs grabs you by the nose hairs, resist the urge because you will only be disappointed.

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  1. I disagree! The aroma and flavor of these turkey legs are incredible. They are smoked and taste great…a little pricy however. I have been a chef (C.M.C.) over thirty years and my experience details that some customers are more sensitive to seasoning than others. I still season the meat taking this chance. There is nothing worse than a bland piece of meat without seasoning!

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