Ker’s Wing House

Ker’s Wing House is a bar and grill style restaurant with a scantily clad staff. It may sound familiar to another chain, but the main difference is that the food here is good. They have a solid beer selection, which makes a perfect partner for their wings. Their wings come in a variety of flavors, Blackened being my favorite. Their Blackened wings are a nice mix of Cajun spices. You can also get the wings breaded, buffalo style, or naked.

Wing House offers a variety of sides as well, including fries, chili fries, onion rings, jalapeƱo poppers, and many more. One side they are famous for is their fried pickles, which are a nice is of sweet and tangy. The service at Ker’s is second only to the food. The only complaint that I have about the service, and Wing House in general, is that the staff comes by towards the end of your meal trying to sell you various merchandise including shot glasses, playing cards, calendars, and more. Putting up with this is a small price to pay for a great meal that will not leave you hungry.

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