O’Boys Bar-B-Q

O’Boys Bar-B-Q is a run of the mill barbecue restaurant. The food is unimpressive, but you get enough to fill you up and then some. The price matches the amount of food you get; expect to pay $10+ for lunch (including tip), but don’t expect to be satisfied with the food. We had a group of 8 people and chose to sit in the bar area rather than wait 30+ minutes for a table in the dining area. To his credit, the bartender tried his best serving us, but could have used some help considering he had to run the bar as well. We spent about 2 hours there between waiting for a table, waiting for our order to be taken, waiting to be served, and finally waiting for our food.

We had lunch there on a Friday, but that is no excuse for the poor service or food. Most places are busy on Friday’s during lunch, and should staff accordingly. The experience was unpleasant at best, and I would not recommend O’Boys Bar-B-Q. There are plenty of barbecue places in the Orlando area, all them being either cheaper or better than this place, and you won’t waste two hours of your life on one meal.

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