Jax 5th Ave Deli & Ale House

Jax 5th Ave Deli & Ale HouseĀ  is a run of the mill deli shop. I have eaten here a few times for lunch, having different sandwiches each time; the Cuban, French Dip, and 5th Ave, a sandwich made of turkey, ham, roast beef, and a variety of breads. Each of these are a good choice, but the 5th Ave is the only one that definitely won’t leave you hungry afterward. The sandwiches come with more potato chips than you will want to eat, considering they are often stale. For the price you pay here, it would be nice to have a choice of some more appetizing, and filling sides.

The two things that Jax has going for it are, it’s vast beer selection, and the fact that they put a jar of dill pickles on your table. The pickles are kosher dill, and nice and crispy. The beer selection is excellent, and will have something for everyone.

Overall, I would only recommend this place for the beer. Sit at the bar and have a few, and snack on the free pickles. The sandwiches are alright, but you can get a bigger, better, and cheaper sandwich from Publix. The service has also been poor for my coworkers and I, often having to repeatedly ask for drinks, and felt like we were inconveniencing them in the process.

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