Taste is a mix of Jamaican and American cuisine (and probably a few others) located in the heart of College Park. I went with my wife for lunch. The restaurant was practically empty. I was surprised, but we generally like having the place to ourselves. We ordered a couple beers and the jerk chicken and jerk pork. Both came with a house salad, rice, and plantains. The salad was good. The dressing had a unique flavor that I liked, but couldn’t quite place it. The entrees were excellent. Both the jerk pork and jerk chicken were flavorful, and just the right amount of heat for jerk seasoning. The fried plantains were delicious, but I like mine a little crispier on the outside. They were incredibly sweet though, which was a great complement to the salt and spice of the jerk seasoning. The entree came with a small side of jerk seasoning, which I used on my steamed rice, which really added some nice flavor to an otherwise plain side.

The atmosphere was nice, with a few rooms, a main area, and a full bar. The walls were decorated with modern art, and all the rooms were colorful. Like I said earlier, the place was mostly empty for lunch. The owner informed me that they have open mic night, a comedy night, and local bands on the weekends.

Given the price, close to $50 for 2 beers and 2 entrees, I can’t see going back there for lunch. Even though the food was excellent, it was just too pricey for what you get. I could definitely see going back there for a nice dinner though, especially for the entertainment provided as well. I would like to try it for dinner because it seems like it would be very fun, and lively. I’d like to see them offer some lunch specials too to bring the food to a reasonable price for a casual lunch. I can kind of understand the high prices though, considering the location.

  • Price: $8 – $20
Taste house salad

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of the entree as well. It smelled so good, I dove right in before I even thought about taking a picture. By the time I remembered to take a picture, it wasn’t very presentable anymore. but, I think this serves as a testament to how good the food was. I was overcome with my desire to devour an amazing meal.

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