Mix Frozen Yogurt

I was recently invited down to Mix Frozen Yogurt to sample their delicious snack and dessert offerings. They serve up 16 flavors on frozen yogurt, some being the common ones such as chocolate, vanilla, and plain yogurt, along with some other delicious flavors like red velvet cake and mango tango. They also offer dozens of toppings, including fresh fruit, candies and other confections, a few dry cereals, and best of all popping boba, which are little juice filled balls that pop when eaten. Mix Frozen Yogurt seems to focus more on the healthy aspect, offering more fresh fruit than other froyo shops I have visited.

The great thing about Mix Frozen Yogurt, and most froyo shops, is that you pay by the ounce, 39 cents at Mix. I love this because I can get as much or as little as I want to eat. I can put the exact amount of toppings I want on my frozen yogurt. I’m not charged more for premium toppings or anything like that.

Mix is in a great location, tucked away in the shopping plaza on the southwest corner of Colonial and Alafaya. It’s close enough to the shopping area at Waterford Lakes to go there if you are in the area, but far enough away that there isn’t too much foot traffic. While the owners may disagree with me, I think it’s a good thing. The place is not too crowded, keeping it clean and comfortable. The place is mostly self serve, but the staff is friendly and courteous, and will answer any questions you may have about some of their more unusual offerings.

I appreciate the staff inviting me into their shop. It really is a great place to get a snack. You can sit around and relax, or get some work done with their open WiFi.

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