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Quizno’s is interesting because, depending on the location, the experience can vary greatly. In my experiences, it seems that most Quizno’s are franchise owned, and the individual owners have widely different ideas about how to run a business, and how to treat their customers. Some give great service, give a hearty helping of toppings, and honor all coupons. Some locations don’t honor Internet coupons, some don’t honor particular flier coupons, and some are very stingy on toppings. The quality and freshness of the food can vary greatly by location as well.

Quizno’s offers a variety of subs, sandwiches, soups, and wraps. I’ve never had a sub that was particularly bad, but a really good Quizno’s sub is hard to find. If I had to choose between Quizno’s or Subway, I’d go with Quizno’s, unless I know a particular location is bad. It really is a gamble going to Quizno’s though, because, unless you’ve been to that location before, you don’t know if you will have a good or bad experience. Quizno’s, as a company, really needs to wrangle in their franchises, have all locations honor coupons, and provide more uniform service and food quality.

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