Buffalo Wild Wings – Waterford Lakes

Buffalo Wild Wings has a large variety of flavors of wings, and has an excellent beer selection, as well as a full bar. Aside from that, there isn’t much else positive to say about the place. Most of the appetizers are sub par, either being very bland, overly salty, or just generally bad. In particular, the nachos should be avoided at all costs. The chips are flavorless and stale, and the salsa is worse than most salsas you can purchase in a store. The wings are rather expensive, starting at around $8 for 12 wings.

The atmosphere at this particular location is often so loud you cannot hear the people at your table talk. It is often overcrowded, to the point where you usually bump into people at nearby tables if you move around at all. The service is some of the worst I have had anywhere on several occasions, and the only reason I continue going is generally because it is a convenient location and something most people can agree upon. If you are looking for a nice place to sit down and have a meal, avoid this location at all costs.

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