Subway’s Five Dollar Foot Long “Deal”

Subway has been offering this “deal” on and off for quite a while now. The issue I have with it is that it is not much of a deal. First, the $5 foot long does not apply to all subs, like some of the specialty subs they offer. Second, for the subs it does apply, it is generally only a savings of $0.60-1.00. While sometimes every penny counts, you are most likely going to get a drink, which will run you about $1.50. Add tax, and you’re looking at a meal that costs around $7, when they make you think $5. Further, Subway subs are on the low end of quality.

Do yourself a favor and skip the Subway $5 foot long. Instead, try Publix, Firehouse, and to a lesser extent, even Quizno’s is a better alternative.

On a final note, Subway recently had a weekend deal for 2 regular foot long subs for $10, telling you to hurry in because this deal is only good this weekend. I guess they think customers cannot do the math that 2 $5 foot longs is the same as 2 foot long subs for $10.

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