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Havana Bistro & Cafe

Food Quantity: 6/10 Food Quality: 7/10 Cleanliness: 7/10 Atmosphere: 6/10 Service: 7/10 Price: $6-$10 Havana Bistro & Cafe serves up a variety of Cuban style food. The sandwiches are alright, but don’t taste as fresh as other places in town. When I visited, they weren’t very crowded, but it took a while to make my […]

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Yordan Cafe

I was recently invited down to Yordan Cafe to sample their cuisine. Located on the corner of Silver Star Rd. and N Clarke Rd. in Ocoee, Yordan Cafe recently opened, just 7 months ago. I sat down with Isaac Cruz, the owner, who had me sample their Cuban sandwich, black beans and rice, and a […]

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Amazonas Latin Grill

Here’s another short form review. Quality: 8/10 Quantity: 9/10 Cleanliness: 8/10 Atmosphere: 8/10 Service: 8/10 Price: $5 – $10 I definitely recommend Amazonas Latin Grill. Everything is delicious, even their black beans and rice which is often an ignored and bland side item. Their portions fit perfectly with their prices. I wouldn’t expect to pay […]

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