Buca di Beppo – Florida Mall

My girlfriend and I went to Buca di Beppo at the Florida Mall this evening. I dropped her off to put our name in, while I parked the car. I meet her outside, and she informs me that they said the wait should be 20-30 minutes. We waited about 50 minutes, along with a few other parties that were also told 20-30 minutes. After the 50 minutes we waited, I went inside to see how much longer the wait would actually be. I let the hostess know the name we were under, and she proceeds to look over the list. We weren’t on the list. I repeat, we weren’t on the list. I watch her write our name at the top of the list and she says we will get the next table available. I walk back out to meet my girlfriend and tell her the news. My girlfriend says she watched the hostess write our name on the list, so somehow it was crossed off. We listened and watched every time the hostess came outside and called a party, and we were never called, and watched other parties go in each and every time. We know we weren’t called.

We are already mad at how long we have had to wait, but since we are going to get the next table, we figure we might as well wait, rather than go somewhere else and have to wait. We wait about 5 more minutes, and watch as another party gets called before us. This was the last straw. I went inside, handed them the menu we had been looking over, and told them to cross our name off the list, all while they were still calling other parties ahead of us.

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    I’ve been going to them for years, and the quality of the food and service have been declining steadily. Time to pick another another place to bring parties of 12+.

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